Our Mission

We match employers with potential employees through delivering job information from various sources around the world.

We are not an employer, neither do we conduct any business on behalf of the organisations that appear on this website. We simply get information about current jobs and deliver it to you through the listings on our website. Think of us more like how a good postman or a good messenger would deliver a letter to you without opening it.

What to do if you are interested in a job.

All the jobs listed on Capital Jobs Link have a section telling you how to apply. Please only and only follow the information provided in that section. You can also visit the website of the employer which will be listed at the bottom of the job detail listing.

Job Fraud

There is an increasing number of fake job offers soliciting fees from applicants circulating on the Internet. Capital Jobs Link WILL NEVER CONTACT YOU REGARDING THE APPLICATION PROCESS OF ANY JOB LISTED ON THIS WEBSITE.

What are some warning signs of a potential scam?

  • You have been offered a job without being interviewed.
  • You are being asked to send or transfer money.
  • You are being asked to pay fees for things such as housing accommodations, legal documents, visa applications, or otherwise.
  • You are being asked to provide sensitive information such as bank account, social security, or identification numbers.
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